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Hello all you newly-minted…Darters? Dartlings? We’ll work on that.

Anyway, it’s high time we all used our shiny new commenting privileges to AIR SOME GRIEVANCES with the world at large and insufficient queerness specifically.

Today I am upset (and also energized) by this really excellent Buzfeed piece (read it!) about how there’s been this crop of huge mainstream Hollywood movies lately in which two same-gender characters have two seconds of eye contact and it is hailed as A BREAKTHROUGH FOR GAY LIBERATION.

This is related to my general exacerbation with how used I have become into meekly accepting the scraps of representation we are so often offered instead of the cornucopia of queerness we actually deserve. I’m speaking specifically about Supergirl‘s continual refusal to acknowledge the SCORCHING HOT chemistry between Kara and Lena Luthor, which I tweeted about yesterday. 


Sorry if that gif has derailed the rest of your workday.

And furthermore, concordantly, remember when Wentworth queered up Bea and Allie after we already had Frankie and Bridget? And straight people continued to watch the show? And remember those glorious halcyon days of Pretty Little Liars when Emily was dating fifty girls and Jenna was suddenly queer and Aria made a Sparia vision board?

We deserve more, is what I’m saying. We deserve it all. (And “all” definitely includes Yara Greyjoy and Daenerys Targaryen shagging their way across the narrow sea, which is why it is the header photo for this post.)

Okay, I vented my feelings. Now use your membership (you got that coupon code in your email, right?) and tell me what your ride or die queer pairing is. Or just talk about whatever has you riled up this week. It’s an “open” thread, after all.



    1. Tangential of course, but I’m guessing his parents were really, like REALLY into the 3 Musketeers? That or they were obnoxious hipsters…unless of course you know them, in which case they’re lovely people who chose a strong name. I once knew a kid named Xodiac (pronounced zodiac) and I often wonder about all the barista jobs he landed as an adult.

  1. Ok, the chemistry between Lena and Kara is off the charts crazy, but I would take a return to season 1 Supergirl over my ship sailing any day. I miss pre-Mon-El Kara so much. He is not worth it! And the fact that she forgave him so quickly (again) really annoys me. What happened to our woman of steel???

  2. Definitely into the idea of Daenerys and Yara. Super girl feels like it lost its groove when they lost Calista. The dynamics around Kara are all wonky without Cat Grant. Mon-el sure as hell cant fill those power suits, but Lena Luthor? Yeah, I’m down for her to be a series regular, and see how they play with her character. On the whole, to Elaine’s original point, I agree that you don’t just pat yourself on the back for one “blink and you miss it” queer moment. This isn’t 1997. Dear Hollywood: Get responsible and get reppin’ or get out

  3. Firstly, the best thing about registering for a site early is you get the exact username you want. Secondly I like the curved corners on the comment box.

    When you tweeted this yesterday I realised that I did exact the same thing and it really annoyed me. one time years ago someone accused me of wanting everything/everyone to be gay and I defended myself like “no I don’t!” (I did). But looking back so what? What is so bad about everything being a little gayer? Currently the world as a whole is super straight and it’s not going so good so why don’t we make everything gay and see if it gets any better. At the very least we won’t see this disgusting het “romance” on supergirl. That’s a pretty good start I reckon.

    My original ride or die subtext queer ship was Alex and Olivia on Law and Order SVU and if everything were gay we would have had that beautiful relationship for the last 10 years give or take witness protection, at least two hostage situations and three dramatic breakups. That would be fine with me because I love a healthy dose of angst in my media.

  4. I’m really hoping Mon-El will go away soon, go rescue daxom or find his destiny or whatever,just go away and we’ll be able to go to pre mon-el kara and enjoy her relationship with Lena.
    I doubt supercorp will ever happen, though I’d love to be wrong, but I watched 6 seasons of rizzles waiting for them to acknowlege how fucking gay they were and it never happened.
    I think we’ve been blessed by sanvers and I just cant see them going that route twice.
    making lena canonically queer? giving her a gf and having kara act jealous? I can see all these things happening, but kara/lena actually becoming canon?

    i fear it is as likely as cartinelli
    and sspeaking of, can I air my grievances about wasting time and money on iron fist when we should’ve be watching a new season of agent carter?
    i will never get over how my favourite beautiful bisexual badass was treated. 🙁

  5. I don’t think I can edit, so on that article: spot on!
    homophobes make a huge fucking deal, then we get BREAKING: FIRST LGBT+ CHARACTER CONFIRMED and it’s usually a tiny comment while straight characters get like a huge piece of their story about a romantic interest and shit.

    I mean, I’m totally gnna watch power rangers,but lbr, i was gonna watch anyway, i grew up with the show, i’m here for cheesy nostalgia.

    I don’t want ‘gay people are just like us!’ moments made by straight people in which their sexuality is a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment.
    i want them to be obviously gay, to have moments like straight people do. or otherwise, they should all get tiny inconsequential moments.

    1. true story: when i was a kid my friends and i would pretend to be power rangers (i would always insist on being green because ANGST) and our game consisted, not of fighting evil, but of starring in pretend PSAs in which we encouraged kids to stay in school and say no to drugs.

      so yeah, i was definitely already going to see the movie.

  6. Amen! I felt the same way about Supergirl to be honest. I was sure from day one of season one Alex was gay. I figured it was either a matter of time or a wasted opportunity, but then we get gayer than life itself character of Maggie Sawyer announced and I just knew it was gonna happen. Written in the stars even. I’m old enough to still get ecstatic when we’re tossed a bone. Supergirl is a big deal show in my house. I’m raising a daughter who loves comics and super heroines as much as me. Supergirl is also adopted which is a huge deal for her. She shipped Sanvers harder than any lesbian with a Twitter account alive from the minute they met. So I got protective. My damaged gay self and mama instincts kicked in when I saw the embers of chemistry between Kara and Lena. Canon is amazing! Subtext can be fun, but why peruse the lobster tank you can’t afford when there’s a prime rib buffet right in front of you? I told myself, it’s not reasonable that they’re going to give into that chemistry. They have one queer pairing, this isn’t showtime or a Canadian show, another is wasted thinking. With every passing day I realize what s bullshit sentiment that is. Why not?! Their chemistry lights up the night sky like the North Star on Christmas Eve. Where is it written that the show can’t follow the chemistry where it so wants to thrive? Furthermore, I’m beginning to feel less like it’s innate and more like it’s deliberate. Queer baiting side by side with positive representation is a head scratcher to be sure. The old worries that they’re afraid of being known as a queer show don’t hold as they clearly already are going to get that. Honestly at this point it a matter of good writing more so than representation. It’s bad writing to continue to push a pairing that doesn’t work, and a worse example for young women to have her continually make up her mind that Mom-El is not the one for her only to have another loved one talk/pressure her into giving that pompous piece of milk toast another shot…including her own newly out, finally happy sister. I see women time after time pressured into giving guys second and fifth chances that don’t deserve them, and to see that in this show is the opposite of the message of feminism and female empowerment they claim to defend. Kara can be single, Kara can be with someone she has amazing chemistry with and whom she genuinely likes, or Kara can be with someone who doesn’t respect her, repeatedly negates her feelings and lives his life by a code of misogyny not seen since Lucy asked Ricky for an allowance..she just can’t do it all and have this show continue to be enjoyable or the source of feminism it says it is. It’s also a poor writing decision to force chemistry where it isn’t and ignore it when it’s beating down your door. Supergirl needs to decide how good a show it wants to be, and if fear of being labeled as too gay is keeping SuperCorp from becoming canon, than the writers and showrunner are literally writing their own epitaph.

    Sorry, I have a lot of opinions on this.

    1. Yes yes yes a thousand times yes! In addition to the continuous pushing of Mon-El I’m not a fan of the excessive screentime that pairing gets. Don’t get me wrong, I know the show is called Supergirl amd I love seeing her on the screen, but the comparison of scenes between sanvers and kara/mon-el is off. And I’m not just counting minutes here. I’m talking everytime they see each other they make out versus a lot of hugging on the sanvers side…I mean c’mon. If that was consistent across all relationships then that would be fine, but it’s clearly not, even compare to Winn/Lyra.

      Like you said, Supergirl needs to decide how good of a show it wants to be.

  7. My gripe is what the hell ever happened to Michelle Paradise? I expected a flow of lesbian show awesomeness from her after she did The Ten Rules and followed up with Exes and Ohs. I expected more but she disappeared into a writing gig for the Originals and hasn’t done anything LGBT oriented on the side that I’m aware of. Which is fine I don’t begrudge a well paying job. But I was sooo looking forward to more. 🙁

  8. I’m on team “Return to the Kara characterization of Season 1 Supergirl first before giving us Supercorp”. I would rather they find Kara’s personality again before letting her get her chemistry on with Lena Luthor, otherwise the pairing will still feel a bit flat and underdeveloped. At the moment I can live vicariously through some Supercorp fics.

    Since this is an open thread, here are my current thoughts:
    – WENTWORTH IS COMING BACK! They also just got a bunch of Logie (Aussie Emmy) nominations. Danielle Cormack and Nicole da Silva are up for acting logies. I’m also intrigued that Frankie seems to be a big part of the new season. I hope she doesn’t get thrown back into jail…

    – I’m a bit disappointed by the lack of reporting by the major queer lady sites of the inaugural AFLW season that just happened here in Australia. Basically, this year they finally put together a season and league for women to play AFL (Australian Rules Football) professionally. It was only 8 weeks long, but it was awesome! Do yourself a favour and go forth and youtube/google footage from the AFLW. You’ll get sucked in. One of the reasons why I thought there will be more reporting is because a lot of gay ladies played in the league. The co-captain of the grand final winning team (and just voted Best and Fairest, which is like MVP) is Erin Phillips, who some of you might recognize as being a WNBA player (currently with Dallas) for the last 10 years or so. She’s also married to Tracy Gahan, who’s an American basketballer. Anyway, I can go on for a while, but I’ll leave you with this article to start: http://www.theage.com.au/afl/afl-news/aflw-erin-phillips-wins-competitions-inaugural-best-and-fairest-award-20170328-gv8jwq.html.

    1. The AFLW was such a fun ride – especially as the existence of gay women was just a given and not treated like a big deal at all. Also not as much of the forced feminising of athletes that has been a features of other fledgling women’s leagues – almost like players have just been unleashed to just be themselves from the outset, be that femme, butch… whatever!

  9. – First off, Supergirl is disrespecting itself not taking the gift Melissa and Katie are giving them with their sizzling chemistry. Remember the amazing chemistry between The Acker™ and Shahi? That was some legendary shit and the writers were smart enough to just go with it because it’s hard to ignore that much eye fucking. I digress, SuperCorp needs to happen (probably never will) because Lena is going to continue to do that damn lip bite (since Katie McGrath can’t play a straight character to save her life) and Kara is going to keep falling to pieces around her.
    – Secondly, ever since Callista left it seems like Supergirl forgot what it’s about. Remember Cat’s amazing life lessons? That’s the shit that I tuned in for every week.
    – Third, Kara giving up having a life as Kara Danvers outside Supergirl and Mon-El is not the lesson anybody needs to be learning. That’s toxic and detrimental to everyone watching. Basically the writers need to figure out what type of show their going to be: a typical CW show that is entertaining but panders to the Patriarchy or a show that actually means something.

  10. How does one go about changing their avatar pic on here? Not that I don’t mind being some sort of box with wings and exposed brain. It’s a surprisingly accurate depiction of me but is there a way to swap it out?

    1. Great question! It seems like folks that have other wordpress accounts are bringing their avatars over. (I am, for example, without ever having to add a new one) but I’m not sure how to add a new one. I will ask our tech guru and get back to you!

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