Bomb Girls Recap 2.11: Bee with an Itch

(This recap was originally published on April 24, 2013.)

It’s been a tough week for Bomb Girls, what with the cancelled-but-with-a-movie-but-maybe-not news we’ve heard from the network, cast, and crew. Before we get into that, though, let’s talk about the episode itself. Given that it may very well be the second to last time we see our girls, I wish I could say that it’s one of their all-time greatest, but it falls somewhere in the middle in terms of quality. Although showing Gladys looking like this in the first two minutes of the episode may have been the problem, since you can only go downhill from here. 

She “runs into” “Clifford” at the symphony, although I worry about Gladys’ spy ability if she can’t tell that this guy is stalking her. Cliff tells her that the Governor General, who is also an Earl and a Prince—I’m counting on a Canadian to explain this title to me—is about to visit Vic Mu, so it’s time to complete the entrapment of Marco and his merry gang of fascists. Gladys argues that she needs more time to steer Marco back onto the path of righteousness, but Cliff isn’t interested.  

The next day at the factory, Vera brings a stack of bridal magazines to help with Kate’s wedding, so it looks like that train wreck is still going full steam ahead.  As usual, Kate’s enthusiasm leaves much to be desired.  She has planned a City Hall quickie wedding, followed by “a big Ukrainian Christmas” in Winnipeg, presumably in the hopes that the cold weather will discourage any nudity.  In an even clearer attempt at self-sabotage, Kate asks Betty to be her maid of honor, which carries with it the dubious privilege of planning her bachelorette party.  And you know I love Betty, but I like Vera to plan my lesbian sex parties.

Just think, someday gay people will be able to torture their friends with this shit, too.

Kate is just sending a letter to her brother up in the Arctic Circle or whatever, when along comes Ivan and snatches it out of her hand.  And Ivan is a simple, trusting sort of fellow, but even his attention is caught by the fact that Kate’s brother apparently has a different last name from her. It doesn’t help that Kate just stutters and bats her eyelashes whenever she’s caught in a lie; it’s a skill she’ll have to work on if she ever hopes to be a Slytherin prefect.

Also getting hassled by The Man is Vera, who loses her high security clearance as a result of Marco’s foray into right wing politics.  Yet another thing I love about Vera is how incensed she is at this news, and how seriously she takes her job.  I bet you anything he has her own secret project and is Good Will Hunting the shit out of that lab.

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