Bomb Girls Recap 2.7: A Different Kind of Miracle

At the Jewelbox, Vera and Kate understand that no one ever got over a tragedy by drinking tea, and have given Gladys some hooch.

Kate: You just need to distract yourself with boys and booze, and that way you’ll never feel the bad feelings.  EVER.

Ivan: Err…come on sweetie, let’s dance.

Leave room for Jesus, you two.

Of course you can count on Vera to get real.  Here’s the actual dialogue:

Vera: Do not beat yourself up.  You fell out of love.  It’s not supposed to happen during a war, but it does.

Oh and Ivan is starting to dig into Kate’s actual past, which I’m sure means looming disaster.

The next day, some lady soldiers arrive to help out at the factory, headed by none other than Teresa.  Betty responds with a mix of joy and trepidation which makes sense, given the delicacy of the situation.  They agree to make hay while the sun shines and continue their “casual” fling, like two people who are about to learn about lesbian relationships the hard way.

Up in the office, Vera gets a call from a gravelly-voiced stranger, who warns her that a shipment of stolen TNT will be leaving the factory today.  Because she is new at this whole sleuthing things, Vera is just like “Oh yay! Magic!” and is very relieved that the mystery of the missing explosives is solved.  When the truck pulls out though, it’s Marco behind the wheel. He is arrested and Vera has her Jack and the blue diamond moment.

In other sad news, Bob calls Lorna to tell her that Stanley, their non-Eugene son, has gone missing in the massive clusterfuck that is the Dieppe raid. We’ve never met the guy, but I really need him to not be dead, because just by the law of averages, he has to be better than his brother.  Thankfully, the new phone comes in handy and Stanley calls home.  The Corbetts manage to be happy for a full thirty seconds and go out to dinner to celebrate.

Things are looking pretty dark at the factory when Gladys swoops in to the rescue, determined to keep making bombs and pursuing evil-doers to the ends of the earth.  She and Vera ascend to the roof and catch Buster in the act of smuggling explosives, meaning that Gladys Witham has now out-sleuthed Spencer Hastings TWICE.  Buster tries to escape, and Gladys and Vera literally stand in front of the truck and bang on the hood. 

Liars get run under. Bomb Girls stop the fucking car.

Afterward, Vera goes to Marco’s place and they talk about how much they shouldn’t kiss, like what an epically bad idea that would be, and then they kiss anyway.  They promise to never do it again, and honestly they can continue this adorable dance as long as they want because their chemistry is fantastic.

At dinner, Bob tells Lorna that he’s going to his brother’s farm for a while in hopes that a little absence might make their hearts grow fonder.  I wish them the best of luck.

The next day, Gladys requests that her friends meet her at the victory garden with shovels (Betty, of course, brings two). Oh god.  Shovels. This means murder.  Wait, wrong show. In this case it means they are planting a James Or Whatever memorial tree, and also a little visual Iwo Jima homage.

See you next week, when supposedly Kate gets a mite jealous of the new ship in town.

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