Bomb Girls Recap 2.7: A Different Kind of Miracle

And now it’s time to catch up with Vera, who, as always, is a light unto the world.  First she enjoys a delicious lunch on the Vic Mu roof with Marco, where they joke about how the cafeteria food is laced with boner-killing chemicals(?!) and slowly watch their feelings for each other grow. 

Competing with Jenna Marshall in “fascinating ways to eat pitted fruits.”

 But when ten pounds of explosives go missing, Vera puts her emotions aside and is on the case faster than a dyke at a vest sale.  Here is how the warehouse boys react to the accusations.

Leon: Well, let’s put together a team and track down the TNT. 

Marco: Good plan.  The last thing I need is more people thinking I’m an Italian terrorist.


Natually, blame falls on Marco.

When Kate and Betty go to the boarding house (oh, how I’ve missed it) to get ready to see Gladys, who should be waiting for them but Teresa the Bond Girl.  (Whoever came up with the shipper name McBond has my unending adulation).

Kate tries to drag Betty away, but is left holding a heavy basket all by her lonesome.

When Kate and Vera arrive at Witham Castle, Carol attempts to enforce an attitude of good cheer, even meaningfully hinting that she would be willing to “play the role of Frederick,” to lift Gladys’ spirits, but our butterfly is not yet ready to emerge from her cocoon.

It would take a matter of principle to rouse her. A matter of justice.  A matter of her fine automobile.

It seems that James’ family is eager to repossess the Packard, but Gladys is reluctant to give it up.  I can see why; James’ gesture of lending her the car captured the best of their relationship, and still stands as the moment I liked him the most/at all.

She’s on the verge of a full-blown dissociative experience when Vera and Kate show up just like Hanna and Aria, and drag her out of her castle.

 Back at the Corbett residence, a disgruntled and confused phone guy is installing Lorna’s new line.

Bob: Uh, what’s with the hostility from the workman?

Lorna: Oh no big deal, I just promised I’d blow him.

Bob: You little scamp, you.

And I would just like to say: Bob and Lorna are kind of the perfect couple.  They are the only people who can keep up with each other’s Slytherin-ness, and Marco, bless him, never could.

At the boarding house, Betty and Teresa have switched from tomatoes to tart, precious little strawberries, and are discussing the nature of miracles (which is maybe something I spent most of the season one finale recap talking about).  Everything about the shots and the lighting conveys so much longing and passion that it could only be directed by Rachel Talalay, who also made Tank Girl, one of my top three favorite films of all time.

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