Bomb Girls Recap 2.10: Romeo Must Die

Back on the line, Kate is basically coming out as a Slytherin to Betty. Betty asks how she can build life with a man who doesn’t even know her real name, to which she replies, “What do you want me to tell him? That my father was a crazy street preacher who died in an alley?”

Ten points to Slytherin.

This is McAndrews first real fight and I gotta say, it is clearing the air.

Down in the bomb shelter, which I remember as being a lot less noir before Cliff showed up, Gladys reports her suspicion that Marco was involved in the warehouse holdup, although she stresses that Frankie was the ringleader. When a couple ladies come in, Gladys panics at the thought of being seen talking to the head of security, and decides it would be much less suspicious to be seen passionately sucking on the head of security’s face.

Kissing: Does not make you invisible.

Gladys: Sorry about the kiss, it was all I could come up with.
“Clifford”: Yeah, I came too.
Gladys: What?
“Clifford”: What?

They part ways.

At Villa Moretti, Frankie and company are going all Robin Hood with the pilfered groceries, because the best thing to do when you commit a crime is show as many people your loot as possible. Marco’s mom comes in and busts it up, and even slaps Marco across the face, thus completing his perceived emasculation. Frankie thinks that Marco is good and primed to meet the big fascist in town.

Back at the Vic Mu ballroom, Lorna has scared away all the other dance students so she can score some private lessons with the milkman. This is going to end SO WELL. They go to the Jewelbox and flirt shamelessly.

Lorna, nobody’s gonna steal your cream if you’re giving it away.

At the bar, Gladys counsels Marco to come back with the nice kids at the front of the bus, and Vera sees her lay a hand on his arm. She confronts her in the bathroom.

Vera: Hey Gladhands, do you have to have LITERALLY EVERY GUY ON THIS SHOW?
Gladys: It’s not like that. Sisterhood, remember? I’m just trying to protect Marco.
Vera: From what? His high carb diet?
Gladys: Um, from — stuff?
Vera: OK, if you’re going to lie to me, at least lie good.

So Vera is already feeling a little touchy when Marco shows up drunk in her room. As someone who has been on both ends of the “HEY AREN’T YOU GLAD TO SEE ME? I LOVE YOU, DO YOU HAVE ANY PEANUT BUTTER?” equation, I know what a good idea it feels like and what a good idea it isn’t. It does give us the image of Vera in Marco’s hat though, so that’s something.

Since Marco is feeling suuuuuper honest, he takes the opportunity to tell Vera how much she means to him, and also to bring up the subject of her scar. And once again, Vera (and Anastasia Phillips) is perfect. She has so much going on here. I mean:

A. She is totally falling for Marco, but trying to slow herself down because
B. She feels taken advantage of, not to mention freaked out that he is suddenly bringing up
C. Her scar, which, badass feminist or not, is still a source of anxiety, pain, and ostracism.

I mean, find me a richer character on television.

The next morning, Vera overhears Marco making plans to meet Il Duce di Toronto, and when she confronts him, he storms off in what is clearly intended to be “a rage” but looks more like “a tantrum.” I don’t know about y’all, but my appreciation for Marco is at a low ebb for Season 2.

That day on the line Ivan shows Kate their wedding announcement, and makes plans to make their betrothal even more official tonight, with some long-awaited sex. Kate looks as thrilled as a lamb headed for the slaughter. Betty, meanwhile, is still distraught about Teresa’s abrupt departure, and threatens to dock points from every single house. Lorna exiles her to the locker room, where she slams doors in a kind of sad echo of her “dancing with the refrigerator door” days.

Kate (probably not the best person to offer comfort at this particular juncture) walks in and tries to console her. Kate offers her some “straight but not narrow” love, which rings a little false to me, but at least she holds Betty’s hand while she says “I don’t pretend to understand it.”

Damn my heart for pounding when they touch.

Gladys and Vera also reconcile when Gladys tells her at least part of the truth about Marco.

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