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Bomb Girls Recap 2.9: Hoochie-Coochie Girls

Over at the Corbett residence, Dottie tries to make nice with Lorna, although it is awfully hard to bond when you’re drinking something as weak as milk.  They do have a lot in common, since they’ve risen to positions of power in the job vacuum left by all the boys at war. Dottie’s eyebrows shoot up when Reggie marches in and starts fixing the oven, like the adorable baby dyke she is, and you can just see her questioning the particulars of that living arrangement. 

You wouldn’t believe what else is in that toolbox.

The next day, Dottie’s story breaks, which includes the fascinating tidbit that the women of Vic Mu earn roughly half the salary of their male counterparts. Lorna searches for the appropriate reaction to this information, but can’t find it because “Oh hell no” hasn’t been invented yet.

Back at the factory, Kate asks Vera for pointers for her burlesque number, which Vera can provide since she’s been to a show or two as part of her sexual research. Please tell me I’m not the only one who immediately conjured up an image of Vera with a cigar between her lips, a crisp $20 between her fingers, and a come-hither look for some lucky lap-dancer.

Betty is also in need of some assistance, and asks Gladys to escort her to the bank to help her score a home loan, using some of the feminine wiles that don’t come quite as naturally to our dear lesbian.

Back at the canteen, we see the reappearance of Donald, Kate’s would-be rapist from season one, who is very unhappy with Dottie’s article and the notion that a woman can out-work him for half the pay.  He and the other men try and leave Lorna with their dirty dishes, and Marco breaks the “no food fights” rule and tosses a dinner roll right at him.  Remember when I didn’t like Marco? Me neither.

Over at Witham Castle, Gladys’ father is hosting a soiree and I guess people are saying things to each other but I can’t be sure because all I can see or experience is Gladys in That Dress.  In attendance is “Clifford”, and Gladys manages not to drop anything or try and tap dance in morse code, so I guess it’s an improvement.

Gladys: So, not that you’re not filling out that tuxedo very pleasantly, but why are you at my house?
Cliff: I’m here to recruit your father to make bombs.
Gladys: He’s a grocer.
Cliff: They’re bean bombs. 
Gladys:  Oh good. That story and your accent are in no way suspicious.
Cliff: You’re darn tootin’.

Also this week in Leaving Me Speechless, is Vera Burrlesque.

I’m assigning myself three acts of feminist penance for how much I like this.

Kate marvels at her “allure” and Vera assures her that all the guile and lingerie and that way she sways her shoulders and…wait…what were we talking about? Oh yeah, it’s just an act, a façade, a sport. So why not have fun with it?  Just then, Ivan bursts in to ruin all the fun.  He is so beside himself with territorial rage you expect him pee on Vera’s carpet to mark it with his scent.  He tells Kate that burlesque is degrading, to which she responds “not if I want to do it.” And try to think of another show that would take on this issue and the pay gap between men and women in the same episode.  Just try.  Anyway, Ivan threatens to break up with Kate and a thousand McAndrews shippers set off celebratory fireworks.

The next day at the bank, Gladys and Betts (I mean ELIZABETH), are all set to play the damsel card with the banker, only to find out that she is a SHE. A woman banker. A wanker. No but seriously, she is a wanker because she won’t give Betty a loan and implies that her best shot at buying a house is if her husband or father signs for it. So now we’ve covered pay discrepancies, sex pride, and financial inequality for gays.  Is it really possible that there are only three more episodes?

When Lorna goes to confront Dottie about her article, she is furious.


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