Bomb Girls Recap 2.11: Bee with an Itch

In my favorite storyline of the week, Bob returns home from his brother’s farm, surprising everyone with how much they missed him and the fact that he learned to walk again (sort of).

I usually hate it when characters are miraculously cured of their ailments (Matthew Crawley’s magic penis springs unpleasantly to mind) but if anybody can find the truth and the hope in this scene it’s Peter Outerbridge and Meg Tilly.  He’s so excited to show off for her and she’s so overwhelmed by the discovery that they really still love each other, and I think that makes it one of the most honest depictions of marriage on television. And then, naturally they get straight to work on breaking up Sheila and Dr. Patel.

At another meeting of the Junior Fascist League, Frankie tells Marco their mission: to blow up Vic Mu’s power station during the Governor General’s visit.  Instantly Marco knows this has gone too far, but Frankie pulls out some mafia scare tactics to keep him in line.  In the midst of this intimidation, Vera charges in to yell at Marco for costing her her security clearance and also clue him in to the fact that it was Gladys who informed on him.  Is it just me, or does Marco look like an Italian Gob Bluth when things aren’t going his way?


At the boarding house, Betty is helping Kate plan her wedding, which may dishearten a lot of McAndrews shippers, but I urge you all to recall that this is precisely how Alice and Dana got together on The L Word.

Betty: Okay, I am here playing “pretty dresses” with you on MY Friday night and you are not even into it.  What gives?
Kate: Oh nothing, I think I’ll just get married in a sackcloth and ashes, as befits the joy I feel.
Betty: Girl, I may be queerer than bagged milk, but even I’m not immune to the joy of a wedding.
Kate: What’s joy? Haha jk.  But seriously, I hope someone invents therapy soon.
Kate: “Slept” being the operative word.  I mean, hi!

After a deeply awkward fifteen second kiss, Ivan informs Kate that he has invited her brothers to the wedding after all. Kate is like “against my will?” and Ivan chortles “you think you have a will? Kate darling, you are just too too funny.”

And this shit is why we need a third season, because it’s going to take more than one episode for Kate to find the strength to ditch the patriarchy.

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