Bomb Girls Movie Recap: Facing the Enemy

So I know we have some more plot to cover, but I’m going to rush through it.  You’ve seen the movie; you know that Gladys and Berman catch the bad guys.  The best part of it is watching Gladys and Lorna play bad cop, worse cop.  The worst part of it is when Kate is inexplicably used as a honey trap for Head Spy Davis and is nearly raped.  Like, there is no need for it to happen at all and I have seen Betty’s tortured face PLENTY during this movie.

After the bad guys are caught, everyone gathers for the Vera Burr memorial service.  They sing a song about looking to the future, which will be brighter and fairer and your favorite shows will run for fifteen years.

 It’s almost as bold an ending as the season 2 finale; it’s the show telling us it’s not done yet.  And I’m sure as hell not done yet.  I want a sequel more now than ever.   But I also believe that when you run into an old friend, you should hug them tight and tell them just how much they mean to you, because in this world you never know if you’re going to see anybody again.

So here is what Bomb Girls means to me.  If you are like me (a patchwork creature made of stories) you know the feeling of a story finding you at the time in your life and the place in your heart where you most need to be found.  When Bomb Girls found me, I was at my very lowest point.  Like, Betty throwing her boxing matches low.  I was reeling from a series of personal and professional failures and pretty much ready to write myself off as a lost cause.  I dealt with these feelings by hiding in my room for days at a time, trying to lose myself in stories because they were the only things that made me feel anything at all.  When I read about this new Canadian show on AfterEllen, I wolfed it down in one gulp, and then I just couldn’t stop thinking about it.  I thought about it so much that I realized I was actually writing about it in my head.  

For weeks, I got on AE every day to see if anyone was writing about it yet, terrified that I would be too late, that I would miss my chance.  And at a certain point my need to write outweighed my terror of rejection, so I wrote a recap of the first episode and sent it to Heather Hogan with an email saying (and I’m only barely paraphrasing here) “HI YOU DON’T KNOW ME BUT YOU ARE MY HERO PLEASE READ THIS THING OK BYE.”  I put my last little bit of hope into that email and fired it off like a flare in the middle of the ocean.  And to my unending wonder, I ended up writing for this website I’d loved for so long.  And what was even more amazing, I wrote it for the kindest, best fandom in the world.  That’s not an exaggeration; I’ve been doing this for two years now and I know a thing or two.  I don’t know if the optimism and warm-heartedness of this show has just worn off on us or it was what drew us to Bomb Girls in the first place, but I have never been so proud to be a part of something.  In some magical, alchemical way we ended up recreating the courage and camaraderie of this show in our love for it. We fought for these characters and their stories, and we won.  I hope the knowledge of that victory, and Betty’s victories, and even the way that Bomb Girls saved my own little life can give you strength and tide you over until we meet again.

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