Bomb Girls Movie Recap: Facing the Enemy

Back at Spy Camp, Gladys and Clifford learn that roughly one in a hundred Allied ships are actually making it to Britain without being sunk by German U-Boats.  Like, you would have better odds of survival in an actual, literal game of Battleship.  David, (head counselor of Spy Camp and the only man with a jaw squarer than Cliff) blames it on faulty radar technology, which was designed by Jacob Berman, who the previews tell us is an important characters (personally I’d be thrilled if we could spend more time with the charcters we already love, instead of going all New Glee Club with these guys, but I didn’t write The Craigslist Killer so what do I know).  Anyway Berman is like “MY TECHNOLOGY IS FLAWLESS. I’M TELLING YOU, IT’S SABOTAGE.” So the investigation into the case of the tampered radars is under way.

Back at the factory, Kate and Ivan cross paths for the first time since the asthma cigarettes incident.

Ivan. IVAN. You have something on your face.

Kate expositions at him about how the charges against her were dropped, and Ivan is like “YEAH BUT ARE YOU A HOMO” so I guess that’s out in the open now.

Over at Spy Camp, Clifford is suspiciously sifting through some documents late at night, and I am like “YES. CLIFFORD IS A DOUBLE-AGENT.  HIS ACCENT HIS FINALLY BEEN WRITTEN IN AS A PLOT TWIST.”  So he goes to meet up with Gladys and I think he will be exposed, but instead he is shot dead by the actual double-agent.  I would have preferred him to suffer more as he has caused me to suffer, but either way he is off the show now so, hooray!


In the wake of Clifford’s murder, Gladys volunteers to return to Vic Mu and find out if someone there is sabotaging the Submarine Detectors, with her cover story being that she was kicked out of WAC for insubordination.

When she returns to Vic Mu, work in the factory immediately shuts down and she is mobbed by her old friends.  Everyone is happy to see her except Lorna, who had hoped that she might finally have gotten rid of the only serious threat to her dominance and her sons once and for all.  She even offers to put in a good word with her cousin to get Gladys back in the CWAC and safely away from Eugene.  But the first thing Gladys says to Kate is “have you heard from Betty?”  Kate shakes her head and smiles, all the while emoting sadness through her eyes, and tells Gladys that Betts has been out of prison for two months, but has been incommunicado.   Kate speculates that “she must hate me” because people always go to prison for people they hate.  I am in prison right now for my mortal enemy, so TAKE THAT, CHARITY FROM SIXTH GRADE.

Over on the Super-Secret Green Line, Mrs. Buchinsky teaches Gladys in the ways of the Submarine Detector, and Gladys gets to work on quality control.  She pretty much immediately spots a girl break her little rubber hose and then try and tie it back together like nothing has happened, but when she goes to correct her, Buchinsky swoops down.

Helen: Look here Princess, the green shift may be in the basement, and our bandanas may not be doing anyone’s complexions any favors, but we stick together.  Even if one of us commits a mistake that may cost countless lives.  Isn’t that right, girls?

Green Shift: (In terrifying unison.) YES MA’AM.


Feeling awfully alone, Gladys petitions Berman to bring a new deputy to green shift “Someone I can trust, who isn’t afraid to ruffle some feathers: Betty McRae.”  And you know how in Harry Potter phoenix song gives you strength to fight and live?  That is what the sound of that name does to me.

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