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Wentworth Recap 2.8: Get a Clue

That night, Frankie tries to make peace with Liz (who, it bears mentioning, is the closest thing to a mother she has).

Frankie: I just feel so rotten and paranoid all the time lately.
Liz: That’s probably because you’re feeling guilty about the drugs killing people.
Frankie: Nah, I think, like, Mercury is in retrograde or something.
Liz: Or maybe it’s the drugs.
Frankie: Well, agree to disagree.

So it looks like Bea is the last remaining suspect for Frankie (since Liz is just knitting innocently). Joan does everything she can to encourage Frankie’s suspicion, even giving Bea a new flatscreen TV with a note attached that says “Thanks for everything, bestie!”


Determined to catch Bea in a trap, Frankie loudly makes plans for a drug haul where Bea will be sure to hear. Little does she know that Liz is hovering on the stairway above them with a pair of extendable ears.

This has the desired effect of bringing down a raid though, of course, there are no drugs to bust. Frankie takes it as the final proof that Bea has betrayed her (kind of funny since she didn’t need proof when she locked Warren in that dryer).

At any rate, it’s enough for Frankie, Skye, and Boomer to jump Bea in her cell and try and hang her. It’s remarkable how suddenly violence erupts on this show, especially from Boomer, who expects to be best friends with everyone the day after beating them bloody. They very nearly succeed in stringing up Bea, but Liz swoops in at the last second and admits to being the snitch. Rather than having her killed, Frankie just looks heartbroken and stares into space. I really and truly hope that this is the blow that forces Frankie to confront her demons and make a change for the better. But given the persistently gloomy tone of the season thus far, I doubt it. She lets Liz go with a warning that if she ever comes back to Wentworth, Frankie will kill her.

Now there’s a good way to stop recidivism.

In the aftermath of her falling out with Frankie, Liz enters protection for the remainder of her stay. Bea, on the other hand, goes in the opposite direction. After months of being pushed around, nearly hung, forced to make tea and being called Taylor Swift (sorry, wrong show) Bea decides to finally turn into the contender they all think she is. She tells Joan that she is now, officially, campaigning against Frankie Doyle.

So, who are you rooting for in Frankie v. Bea? How do you think the hemophilia drugs will play into it? And what are the chances of Liz making it out alive?

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