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Wentworth 2.11: Teal Ninja vs Pink Dragon

So now we’re back to the beginning of the episode, with Bea in the hospital.  Since she has wrist injuries, her arms aren’t cuffed to the bed. And since this is a TV show and not real life, neither are her ankles.  So the first chance she gets, Bea Smith hops up out of that bed, and strolls right out of the hospital.

While she’s making a break for it, Liz opens the mysterious package Bea left for her.


Oh yeah, because Bea still wants to kill Brayden Holt.  To be honest, I had totally forgotten about that.


Next week is the season finale, and I have a question for the comment section.  This season has been pretty gloom and doom, with no characters save Will and Doreen coming out as particularly sympathetic.  With that said, are you still rooting for Franky? Do you want her to be rehabilitated or do you take her violent nature as a given?

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