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QUIZ: Should You Watch Altered Carbon?

QUIZ: Should You Watch Altered Carbon?

In the year of our absent god 2018, there are few activities more fraught with stress, pressure, and doubt than choosing a new television show to watch. Our choices are so overwhelming, our standards are so high, and the commitment of time and emotional energy is so great that it’s almost enough to make one give up and read a book. Yet we soldier on.

Time was, you could at least count on Netflix to offer you a manageable amount of original programming to choose from, but apparently someone over there fell asleep with their finger on the green light button, and now it’s a bewildering array of Documentaries You Owe It To The World To See, Quirky Comedies Engineered To Stroke Your Specific Generational Nostalgia, and Comforting, Familiar Shows You Can Rewatch Because At Least You Already Know Who Dies. It’s almost a relief that Orange Is The New Black fell out of favor; it’s one less thing to worry about.

But it all starts to feel a little more okay once you accept that there are no right shows to watch anymore. There are only the right shows for you. For example, you may be considering a plunge into Altered Carbon, you may wonder. Is it more Blade Runner or Jupiter Ascending? Do the women all have guns and are they good at shooting them?

Luckily for you, I already watched it, enjoyed it, and can now provide you with valuable insights to determine if it is likely to be to your tastes.

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